• Urban Dictionary defines a Wolfpack as  group of friends that are bounded together by loyalty, love and respect of each other. A wolfpack can have a mix of boy and girls . Once in a wolfpack you are truly devoted to your pack and will do anything and everything for them.It is normal that the wolfpack to be over protect over each other.

Our definition is a group of friends bound by the love of lacrosse and their local communities who train and play together to grow the game of lacrosse and elevate the level of play in our communities.

The West Hills Wolfpack is a group of scholastic coaches, fans, and players dedicated to the growth of lacrosse in Beaverton, OR and surrounding areas. Our goals are to increase participation, raise the level of play and develop more youth coaches and officials in our area. Our mission will be supported by membership fees, apparel sales, training, and opportunities to play. These funds  will allow us to make donations to partner non-profit programs and offer free and low cost programs to enhance the overall lacrosse experience in our community.

The Wolfpack is not and does not ever intend to be a full scale / full service for profit lacrosse club. If that is what you are looking for we suggest you check out MadLax Oregon, Lacrosse Northwest, 3D and Awestruck. These clubs do a great job of servicing their communities with their programming.